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Swine Flu H1N1 Made by Vaccine Manufactures For Big Profit

By James Brown  October 04, 2009 12:01 AM EDT

Evidence leads to Vaccine Manufactures
if you Google the term Flu Fraud it comes
up in over four and a half million times in documents 4,550,000. Can this be discounted as nothing? If the swine flu is man made are we playing with fire?
Billions of dollars are made every year by the vaccine manufactures and now the government wants to help them make more by making flu shots mandatory. If the general population gets scared about the flu the manufactures of these vaccines will stand make record prophets in
the coming years.

Flu Fraud

Are flu manufactures playing with fire? Could the end of man kind
be an accidental flu made by greedy corporations trying to make money on vaccines? The flu vaccine manufactures would lose billions of dollars if there was not a new flu every year. Don't you find it unusual that every year they get a new flu to keep them in business? Not even one year with out a new flu strand? Where do these new strands come from? Should our government be looking into this? Is it a type of modern day terrorism. Right now our government his helping to fuel the fire that make these vaccine manufactures richer than some small countries.

Flu Pandemic

Did you know many of the flu vaccine manufactures are in other countries?
This means if the flu is man made it may be coming from other countries
that are taking every single life in the entire world into there own hands for profit and greed. Nothing can stop the flu it spreads around the world in less than 2 weeks thru travel and cannot be contained. It seems very odd to me that the vaccine manufactures come up with a new vaccine every year six months in advance so they can make there profits. Maybe we should be asking them where do you get the new flu strand every year so we can stop it at the staring point.
I think we need to be asking a lot of questions if we all want to continue to see the sun set and rise. Is Flu Fraud real? I don't know but it sure seems like a lot of things fall into the right place every year for the manufactures to make billions of dollars.

Will The Flu Be The End of The World

in the 1800 hundreds and early 1900 hundreds the flu was very rare now we have one every year like a timer going off. We should all be very aware that Flu Fraud may be going on!




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